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Daniella Radice

Daniella Radice

Green Party Councillor for Bishopston Ward. Mother of two. Big fan of the Bristol £.


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8 May 2014

Vegan Day 2

I think I made a mistake getting Oat milk, so it was muesli and water again. I also had olive oil spread on my toast, but the taste is not the same as butter - I probably shouldn't expect it to be the same........ Lunch Challenge: Bristol City Council sandwiches between a site visit and planning meeting. Yes there were hummus salad sandwiches and some deep fried samosas that had vegetables in. So good marks to BCC kitchens ! Supper: Spring Cabbage, Broccoli and Pasta Fairly seasonal spring cabage with pasta and garnished with garlic and fresh ginger fried. I spiced it up with some chilli and lime pickle...... Found it impossible not to have a mini egg and some raspberry chocolate from the cupboard........

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